10pcs BT136 600 V 4A Triac TO-220 TRANSISTOR

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The BT136 is TRIAC with 4 A maximum terminal current.
The gate threshold voltage of the BT136 is also very less so can be driven by digital circuits.
Since TRIACs are bi-directional switching devices they are commonly used for switching AC applications.
To switch off control of an AC load that consumes less than 6 A with a digital device like a microcontroller or microprocessor then BT136 is the best choice.
Pin Configuration:
Main Terminal 1 (Pin 1): Connected to Phase or neutral of AC mains
Main Terminal 2 (Pin 2): Connected to Phase or neutral of AC mains
Gate (Pin 3): Used to trigger the SCR.
It has a highly sensitive gate
It is suitable for uses in mains appliance control
BT136 is a 4 amp which can be used as like switch for your home electric appliance which is 220 V operated we can use it to control the switch of your fan, led light.
AC Light dimmers
Strode lights
AC motor speed control
Noise coupling circuits
Controlling AC loads using MCU/MPU
Ac/DC Power control
Light dimmers
Washing machines
Motor control
Hand tools
Commutation is not required in AC switching circuits because the TRIAC will not latch on the state since the AC voltage reaches zero for every half cycle.

Type: Triac
Non Repetitive On-State Current: 27 A
Rated Repetitive Off-State Voltage VDRM: 600 V
Off-State Leakage Current @ VDRM IDRM: 100 uA
On-State Voltage: 1.7 V
Package: TO-220-3

Product Includes:-
1x BT136 600 V 4A Triac TO-220

  • Repetitive Peak Off State Voltage: 600 V
  • RMS On State Current: 4 A
  • Non repetitive peak on state current: 25 A
  • Gate Trigger Current: 2.5 mA to 25 mA
  • Package: TO-220B