5 pcs x Small Electric DC Motor 6v, High-speed, for RC Toys and RC Cars

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Package Includes - 5pcs x Motor

Motor housing (D x F x L): Ø20 x 15 x 25mm
Material: SECD
Shaft: 2.0mm carbon steel (nickel-coated)
Commutation way: metal brushes
Structure: 2-pole stators and 3-slot armature
Rotation: CW/CCW and reversible
Plastic end cap
Measuring conditions:
Rated voltage: 6V DC
Motor position: to be measured with motor horizontallyheld
Environmental temperature: 25°C, ±10%
Environmental humidity: 65% RH, ±20%
Starting voltage: d0.5V
Electrical characteristics: (at initial stage after 30 secondsrun-in):
At no load:
Speed: 21,650rpm, ±10%
Current: 0.26A maximum
At maximum efficiency:
Torque: 10.7g.cm
Speed: 17,325rpm, ±10%
Current: 0.75A (maximum 1.1A)
At stall:
Torque: 53.36g.cm
Current: 3A (maximum 4.5 A)
Direction of rotation: CCW (counter-clockwise when viewing fromthe output shaft end with positive voltage applied to positiveterminal
Mechanical characteristics:
End play: 0.05 to 0.5mm
Operating temperatures: 0 to 45°C
Options: shaft length, technical data like voltage, speed,torque, optional EMI, EMC suppression
Ideal for toys, model and RC cars
Quantity: 5 pcs
Gross weight: 7.1kg
Size: 35 x 26 x 24cm

Application: Home appliance, power tools, toys & model,precision instrument, office equipment, personal care product,automotive, audio & visual equipm