6 * 8CM 1.6mm 2.54mm Pitch Double-Side Prototype PCB Universal Printed Circuit Board (1 pcs)

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This is 6 x 8 CM Universal PCB Prototype Board Double-Side High-quality universal prototyping board with standard 0.1″ spacing through holes. High-quality 6×8 cm FR4 material, Double sided, HASL, NC CNC drilled


  • The size of printed circuit board : 6cm X 8cm(2.362" X 3.150"); The weight of one piece universal printed circuit board: 13.5g/0.473oz
  • The pcb board is double sided, with the plated holes are pre-tinned, the hole diameter of the prototype circuit board is about: 1 mm/0.039", The hole number of printed circuit universal breadboard is: 595
  • The Color of pcb board : green basic and silver tone
  • The Color of pcb board : green basic and silver tone
  • The Package comes with 2 pcs double sided pcb prototype board, the proto boards are in the color of Green.


  • Base Material -FR4
  • Copper Thickness (mm)- 1-4 oz
  • Min. Hole Size (mm) -0.3
  • Board Thickness -1.6

In The Box

1 x 6*8 Universal PCB Prototype Board Double-Side.