Hobby Project Model Components - 4 Motor, 4 Propeller, 9Vbattery, Connector, Switch For Static Quad-Copter Model (Static Model, Can'T Fly

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Components for making static project model THIS MODEL CAN NOT FLY but best for model making Includes 4 hobby motor, 4 propeller, 9v Battery with connector and switch Also useful for other projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                    10 PCS OTG FAN FREE                                                                                              It is a static drone model kit. Please note that these low budget motors can't fly this drone but it is a best model kit for demonstrating quadcopter/drone principle. Kit contents: >> 4 - Hobby motors >> 4 - 2Blade propellers (Dia = 15cm) >> 1 - 9v Battery >> 1 - Battery connector >> 1 - Slide switch