KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor Module for Compatible Arduino (1pcs)

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The KY-036 Touch Sensor Module utilizes a floating lead on a Darlington transistor to detect a touch. There are 2 LEDs on-board. A red LED lights when power is applied. A green or red LED lights when a touch is detected.


1. Main chip: LM393

2. Working voltage: for DC 5V

3. Single-channel signal output

4. Low-level output signal used for human body touch sensor alarm

5. Adjustable sensitivity

6. Pin Connector to board: 4 Pins


Working voltage(V) 5

PCB Color Red

Length(mm) 43

Width(mm) 16

Height(mm) 15

Weight(g) 4

Package Includes:

1 x KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor Module