MY1020 500W + Motor Controller + Twist Throttle, DIY Electric Bicycle Kit

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Package Includes -

1pc x 500W MY1020 Motor

1pc x 500W Controller for Motor

1pc x Accelerator


Rated Power: 500W

Style : Brushed Motor Permanent Magnet
Reversible: Yes
Rated Voltage: 24v
Current Draw (Rated): 27.4A
Current Draw (No Load): 2.5A
Rated (constant) Torque: 1.9 N.M.
Rated Speed: 2500 RPM
Efficiency: Greater than 75%
Number of teeth: 11, Pitch 6.35 #25 Chain
Weight: 4.1kg

- Diameter: 4 1/4"
- Length (no shaft): 5 1/4"
- Length (with shaft): 6 1/4"

This motor should work with some Xtreme or Razor electric scooter, mini bike or go-kart using a 500W motor. Should also work with any other brand with similar specs in motor