Orange ABS 1.75 mm 1 KG Filament for 3d printer for MakerBot, RepRap and UP

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"Color - Orange

This is the best filament on the market. The 1.75mm filament holds a diameter tolerance of 0.02mm/0.0008"" which improves reliability
and quality of output and comes vacuum-sealed with the desiccant on a 1kg (2.2lb) reel. We tested many filaments at both 100-micron
and 200-micron layer resolutionson on FDM printers and found this one is the best.

Diameter Tolerances
Cheap filament usually extruded at lighter tolerances and with materials of questionable origin. For 1.75mm filament, the outer diameter
should not exceed +/- 0.1mm, with 0.05mm is ok. Anything over these tolerances could jam the extruder of the nozzle's inner chamber,
which is machined to exacting tolerances. Additionally, the use of out of tolerance filament will cause over or under extrusion,
which is the major cause of blobbing and voids in the finished print. This is because the slicing software used to prepare the .stl for printing
calculates exactly how fast to extrude based on a constant filament size. Our filament has a very good quality with tolerances: +/-0.02mm

Polyalactic Acid, or PLA, is a common type of biodegradable filament often derived from recycled materials. PLA is available in hard or soft grade
and can be extruded at a low nozzle temperature. PLA allows higher print speed, more accurate placement of material with proper cooling (it does not shrink as much)
and also thinner build heights because of less resistance from the plastic coming out the nozzle, . PLA has a obvious feature that it's translucent.

1. Compatible with all FDM 3D printer such as Makerbot, Mendel, Prusa, Huxley, BFB series, RepRap, Rapman, Solidoodle etc.
2. Filament Diameter Tolerances: +/-0.02mm. Roundness: +/-0.02mm.
3. Air Bubbles: Zero!
5. Net Weight: 1KG/2.2lbs, Gross Weight: 1.3KG/2.86lbs
Note: The real color of the item may a little bit different from the pictures"