PAM8406 digital amplifier board 5W×2 volume adjustable D class module

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Product parameters:
1. Ultra volume: 23*24MM Weight 0.45 grams.
2. Excellent noise suppression, you will hear any noise without connecting input audio.
3. Dual-channel stereo, only needed 5V power supply can input 5W+5W power, it can drive 4?, 8? little speaker. directly, with large output power, enough energy, superior quality, and left right channel volume adjustment.
4. The unique non-LC filter Class-D digital power board, can be used computer USB to charge.
5. Dual-panel wiring, can properly solve the ground potential balance and crosstalk between channels caused by wiring.
6. Super mini design, can be easily placed in a variety of digital product’s inside small space.
7. Used machine to weld whole plate.
8. Rated operating voltage is 2.5-5V, the limited operating voltage is 5.5V.

Note: The “negative” of left and right channel output port can not be connected together, otherwise it will damage IC, you should connect the speaker before charging.