Robodo MO48 150W DC Boost Converter 12 35V or 6A Step Up Adjustable Power Supply (Pack of 2)

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This versatile DC-DC boost power supply/converter module steps up any input voltage from 10V to 32V to any output voltage from 12V to 35V at up to 150W output power and 6A current.

This 150W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-35V 6A Step-Up Adjustable Power Supply is well into the heavy-duty end of the spectrum @ 150W; as you can tell by the huge toroidal inductor and dual heatsinks. It is especially useful for automotive 12V applications, where standard 12V battery power can be boosted to 19V for use as a laptop computer power supply, or to 18V or 24V for other applications requiring higher voltages.


The non-isolated step-up power conversion module Onboard LED illuminates when the voltage is applied to the module Equips Multi-turn Potentiometer. Easy to drive 65W 90W dual-core notebook. The output voltage is continuously adjustable on OUT+ and OUT- screw terminals (Output voltage must be greater than input voltage)

About this item

  • Module properties: unfenced booster module (boost)
  • The input voltage: 1032 v
  • Output power: natural cooling 100 w (max), strengthen heat 150 w (max) real power use time more actual situation, please decide whether to add fans, please be sure to ensure heat sink temperature not to exceed 80 degrees
  • Easily lead to 65 w, 90 w notebook computers including dual with a 12 v battery with ordinary 19 v 3.42 A laptop module temperature of about 45 degrees
  • Conversion efficiency: 94 percent (16 v input measured output is 19 v 2.5 A) (for reference only)

Package Includes

1 x 150W 10-32V to 12-35V 6A DC-DC Boost Converter Module