Spade K-type Temperature Controller Thermocouple Sensor Probe, 100mm (3 pcs)

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High measurement accuracy and medium interference free Fast thermal response and sensitive to temperature variation Wide measurement range High performance and mechanical strength. Long use and easy installation. Works well with temperature controller(not included here) 


Type: K Type, Spade type

Temperature Range: From -100°C to 1250°C


Diameter: Approx.8mm / 0.31"

Probe material: Stainless Steel. 

Cable Internal Insulation: Fiberglass

Cable External Shielding: Stainless Steel Braiding

Cable Total Length: Approx. 2M / 78.7"

Fork Terminal Spacing: Approx. 4mm / 0.15"

Product Includes:-

3x 100mm Spade K-Type Temperature Controller Thermocouple Sensor -100°C to 1250°C Probe 2M