0.28 inch Digital Voltmeter Ammeter DC 100V 50A LED Amp Volt Meter (3 pcs)

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Digital Voltmeter (0-100V) and Ammeter (10 A) Dual Led Voltage Current Measurement Module 


Input Voltage - 4.5V to 30V DC 

Input Current = 20mA 

Display Color - Red (Voltage) , Blue (Current) 

Measuring Voltage Range - 0V to 100V DC 

Measuring Current Range - 0A to 10A 

Measurement Accuracy - 1%

Minimum Voltage Resolution - 0.1V 

Minimum Current Resolution - 0.01A 

Size - 48x29x21mm 

Note:- Maximum Input Voltage should not exceed 30V otherwise there is a danger of burning 


Black line (thin): vacant or buck circuit (module) Negative 

Red line (thin): power supply Positive

Black line (thick): COM, common measuring 

Red line (thick): PW+, measuring terminal voltage input positive 

Yellow line (thick): IN+, current input Positive 

Package Contains:-

3 x Digital Voltmeter & Ammeter Module