10000W Super Power Thyristor Electronic Voltage Regulator, Adjust Light Speed Temperature

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The trigger circuit is unique, and the control voltage is regulated accurately without hysteresis. After the resistive load is turned off to 0, it is adjusted from 10V after it is turned on, and adjusted to the maximum power voltage close to the input.
Thyristor adds RC absorption protection circuit.
Upgraded fan with switch intelligent control, good heat dissipation effect and long service life.
Standard high-grade exquisite aluminum shell is more safe and practical.
Upgrade the brand full copper 75A ultra-high current binding posts.
Super-high-power electronic voltage regulator, suitable for control of lighting engineering colored lights, heating wire, boiler heating control, electric tool motor, etc. The circuit design of this product is extremely advanced, triggering precise control, and good materials.

  • Using voltage: ac 110v Maximum power: 10000w (connected resistive load)
  • Voltage regulation: ac 0 - input supply voltage
  • Full copper 75A super large current terminal.
  • High power 10000w electronic regulator
  • Motor control thermostat temperature control speed control