100A SCT-013-000 Non-invasive AC current sensor Split Core Current Transformer

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Split Core Current Transformer
The non-invasive AC Current Sensor (100A max - Model SCT-013-000) has no internal burden resistor, but a transient voltage suppressor limits the output voltage in the event of accidental disconnection from the burden. It is capable of developing sufficient voltage to fully drive a 5V input.

Characteristic Specifications
Opening Size (in mm) : 13 x 13
Non-Linearity : ±3 % (10 to 120% of rated input current)
Leading Cable : Length - 1 meter
Output - Standard 3.5mm Audio Jack with three core (TRS) plug
Core Material : Ferrite
Mechanical Strength : the number of switching is not less than 1000 times (test at 25?)
Safety Index : Dielectric strength (between shell and output) 1000V AC/min
Fire resistance property: In accordance with UL94-Vo
Work Temperature : -25? to +70?
Switching Angle : 180°