12-0-12 500mA Transformer.
12-0-12 500mA Transformer.
12-0-12 500mA Transformer.

12-0-12 500mA Transformer

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It is a 12-0-12 center tapped step-down transformer, i.e. it can take standard AC mains voltage of 220V AC and One of the most important machines that literally transformed the whole Electrical Power Industry is the Transformer.
It is an electrical machine which with great efficiency changes the voltage level so that the power can be transferred to very long distances without much loss.
12-0-12V, 500mA Centre-Tapped Step Down Transformer is a general-purpose chassis mounting mains transformer.
Transformer has 230V primary winding and center-tapped secondary winding.
The Transformer act as a step-down transformer reducing 230VAC RMS to 12VAC RMS.
To connect the transformer, you need to connect the Red wires to 230VAC RMS voltage supply which is the standard wall socket voltage in India.
The voltage across black and yellow wires is 12V and voltage across the two blue wires is 24V.
If you want to get DC voltage, you need to connect a rectifier circuit with appropriate wires. .
It can be used in Small rectifier circuits to charge a 12V battery, Power small devices with low voltage ratings like Arduino, PIC, AVR, and Raspberry Pi and other controllers, it can also be used to charge mobile phones, etc.

Input Voltage: 230V AC.
Output Voltage: 12V RMS or 24V RMS.
Output Current: 500m Amp .
Mounting: Vertical mount type.
Core: Soft Iron Core.
Low cost and small package.
. 1×12-0-12VAC Step Down Center Tapped Step-down Transformer (12V/24V) .
Project with 12/24VAC Transformer.

1× 12-0-12VAC Step Down Center Tapped Step-down Transformer (12V/24V)