16 in 1 Modules Sensor Kit Project Super Starter Kits

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Package included:
1) dht11 temperature and humidity sensor module x1
2) hc-sr501 infrared human body induction module x1
3) ds1302 real time clock module x1
4) the rain sensor module x1
5) sound sensor module x1
6) hc-sr04 ultrasonic sensor x1
7) the flame sensor module x1
8) ky-008 laser head sensor module x1
9) photosensitive resistance sensor module x1
10) the yl-69 soil moisture sensor x1
11) obstacle avoidance sensor x1
12) vibration sensor module x1
13) mq-2 gas sensor module x1
14) 315m super regenerative module x1
15) the tilt sensor module x1
16) a path tracing module x1

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