2 Pieces General Purpose / Perforated PCB Boards 12 x 18 cm. ( Perfboard )

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"Perfboard is a material for prototyping electronic circuits also called (DOT PCB). It is a thin, rigid sheet with holes
pre-drilled at standard intervals across a grid, usually a square grid of 2.54 mm (0.1 in) spacing.
These holes are ringed by round or square copper pads. Since each pad is electrically isolated,
the builder makes all connections with either wire wrap or miniature point to point wiring techniques.
Discrete components are soldered to the prototype board such as resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits.

The 0.1 in grid system accommodates integrated circuits in DIP packages and many other types of through-hole components.
Perfboard is not designed for prototyping surface mount devices.Before building a circuit on perfboard,
the locations of the components and connections are typically planned in detail on paper or with software tools.

Specifications :

Length = 3 Inches or 12 cm
Breadth = 2 Inches or 18 cm
Pad Spacing = 0.1 Inches or 2.54 mm
Thickness = 0.0393 Inches or 1 mm
Pads on Single Side.
Material : Phenolic Paper Laminate or FR-2
NOTE: Some boards may have some un-drilled holes, this is common in perforated boards."