2 x 1.5V AA Battery Holder Without Cover (5 pcs).

2 x 1.5V AA Battery Holder Without Cover (5 pcs)

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 This 2 x 1.5V AA Battery Holder can hold 2 1.5VAA battery which can make 3.0 V rechargeable battery pack from NiMH / NiCd cells or 9V battery pack from alkaline cells or it can also be used for one-time use and throw batteries for small DIY projects.

The battery holder puts the batteries in series so that you have 2x the voltage of an AA battery. (approx. 3.0V) <br> It comes with a soldered open end wire. 

Note: This product does not include a battery, you need to purchase it separately. 


Cell Quantity: 2

Battery type: AA

Storage temperature: 25ºC

Max Operate temperature: 80ºC

Wire Length: 120 mm. 

Mounting holes diameter: 3mm. 


Battery type: AA

Cell Quantity: 2

Max Operating temperature (ºC): 80

Storage temperature (ºC): 25

Wire Length (mm): 120

Mounting holes diameter (mm): 3

Colour: Black

Length (mm): 57

Width (mm): 32

Height (mm): 15

Weight (gm): 6

Shipment Weight: 0.01 kg

Shipment Dimensions: 8 × 5 × 3 cm

Package Includes: 

5x (2 x 1.5V AA Battery Holder without Cover).