200W Electric Wheelchair Powertrain PMDC Motor - SCD2-B

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This is a wheel chair motor by Senchuan Power. Product name - Electric Wheelchair Powertrain: SCD2-B. They are right angle gear drives with a release (for free wheeling) and electric brakes on the motor. They are 24VDC and the operating speed is 135 RPM.

Features and Specifications:

Operating Voltage (VDC): 24
Output Power (W): 200
Dimensions (1) : 325mm
Dimensions (2) : 82mm
No-load Current (A): ?3.6
Motor Speed ±5% (RPM): 4400
No-load Output Speed (RPM): 135
Gear Ratio: 32 : 1
Sound Level (dB(A)): ?60
Brake Torque (Nm): ?33.4
Gear Motor Rated Torque (Nm): 16.95
Motor OD (mm): 79
Output Shaft OD (mm): 17 (with 6mm keyway and key)
Weight: 15.5lbs per motor
Efficiency : 80%