3 Series 20A 18650 Lithium Battery Protection Board 11.1V 12V 12.6V Battery Managemet System BMS (3 pcs)

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3S 11.1V 10A 18650 Lithium Battery Overcharge And Over-current Protection board (BMS) ensures the security of battery pack. This battery management system design and Suitable for: 10.8V (Rated voltage of polymer battery) 11.1V (18650 or 3.7V lithium battery rated voltage) 12.6V (Lithium battery full charge voltage)

1. Higher than 3A current discharge product, the discharge rate of battery discharge is above 3C. 

2. Multiplier calculation formula: 1C battery, 2000 capacity is equal to 2AH * 1 = 2A maximum working current. 

3. 3C ratio battery, 2000 capacity is equal to 2AH * 3 = 6A maximum working current. 

4. When the battery in series 3, please ensure that the voltage of each battery is the same, if not the same, please fill in each set of batteries and then use. When the discharge is tested, the battery in which the voltage drop is the fastest is the difference between the battery and the battery. 

5. After the line is connected to the need to charge (charge voltage 12.6V) activation, there will be output. 

6. 3A current above the discharge products, the battery discharge rate to 3C or more. Formula: 1C ratio of the battery, the 2000 capacity is equal to the maximum operating current 2AH*1=2A. 

Description interpretation. 

7. 3 Series (series combination of 18650 3 batteries or lithium polymer batteries) 

8. 10.8V (polymer battery rated voltage) 

9. 11.1V (18650 or 3.7V lithium battery rated voltage) 

10. 12.6V (lithium battery voltage) 

Features : 

1. Three series of lithium battery protection board. 

2. Automatically cancel protection after protection conditions restore. 

3. With the function of overcharge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection. 

4. Suitable for lithium battery pack of 11.1V, 12V, 12.6V. 

Product Includes:-

3x 3 Series 20A 18650 Lithium Battery Protection Board BMS