30A Intelligent LCD Solar Controller, Solar Panel USB Port Solar Panel Battery Intelligent Regulator, Multi-Function Adjustable LCD Display Street Light Controller

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 This is a Digital PWM Solar Charge Controller for the lead-acid batteries connected to a solar power system. When connected to the battery, this charge controller automatically detects the battery voltage from 12V-24V. This charge controller has some advanced features like built-in short circuit protection, open-circuit protection, reverse voltage protection, overload protection, etc which makes it ideal for grid power systems. 


Built-In Industrial Micro Controller

Big LCD Display

Full 4 Stage PWM Charge Management

Dual MOSFET Reverse Current Protection

Low Heat Production

Specification :-

Model: SY3024H

Battery Input: 12-24V Auto

Charging Current (A): 30

Discharge Current (A): 30

Max. Solar Input (V): <50

USB: 3A@5V

Operating Temperature Range (°C): -35~60

Length (mm): 150

Width (mm): 78

Height (mm): 35

Weight (gm): 150

Shipment Weight: 0.16 kg

Shipment Dimensions: 15 × 8 × 4 cm

Product Includes:- 

1 x 30A Intelligent LCD Solar Controller