3D printer electronics kit -Mega 2560 + Ramps 1.4 + A4988 + Smart LCD controller

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3D printer electronics kit : Mega 2560 + Ramps 1.4 + A4988 Drivers + 12864 Smart LCD controller

Package Content -
Arduino Mega 2560 Board
Ramps 1.4 shield
Fully assembled A4988 Stepper motor Drivers with heat sink ( 5 Pcs )
Arduino USB cable
12864 Smart LCD controller ( Bigger and better display than traditional 3d printer displays: All Connector and Ramps mount included )

To DIYers. Now get smart LCD wit better looks and bigger display by sending few more bucks only. Spending Few more money on LCD will surely give you better view and control over printer and you need not attach your laptop/PC to it. Control every thing from SMART LCD.

Just add Stepper motors, hotend, heated bed, fan and end stops and you are ready to get your prints.