3S 25A Li-ion 18650 BMS PCM Battery Protection Board With Balance For Li-ion Lipo Battery Cell Pack Short Circuit Protection

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3 Series 18650 battery
11.1V (Li-ion 18650 or li-ion battery rated voltage)
12.6V (Li-ion battery full charge voltage)
10.8V ( Lipo battery pack rated voltage)
The lithium battery protection board is not included the welding tabs.

BMS activate method : Use 12.6V Li-ion charger to charge it.

1) This board is not suit high power electronic tools, if use for screwdrier and drill,electric bike series make,fishing machine and 1W LED, please don't buy this.

2)Above 3A device,means the battry discharge rate is more than 3C.
1C rated battery, 2000mah equals 2ah*1=2A max working current.
3C rated battery means 2ahx3=6A Max working current.

Balancer is just a Auxiliary function, The balancing means when the battery charging,each series battery need with the same voltage.when ONE cell voltage get 4.2V ,the other cells not, the first cell voltage will discharge to wait the other cells rising to the same level.


battery internal resistance differences within 5 milli ohm, voltage within 0.03 V voltage, capacity vary within 50 ma

1) high-accuracy voltage detection circuit;

2) terminal of the charger using high voltage device;

3) Built-in three-stage over-current detection circuit (over-current 1, over-current 2, or load short circuit);

4) MOS transistor can control the battery charge and discharge;

5) low standby current consumption.

Brief Parameter:

Over Charge voltage : 4.25-4.35v±0.05v
Over Discharge voltage : 2.3-3.0v±0.05v
Max Working current : 25A
Max peak current : 35-40A
Working temperature : -40---+50
Storage Temperature : -40-- +80
Small current : 50uA
Life cycle : more then 30000 hours
Resistance : Less than 100mΩ
Short Cut : Protectable,Charge can repair
Size : 56*45*4.0mm

Vacuum cleaner,massager battery pack,LED backup power supply,12V li-ion electronics, solar power led, etc