3V 5V 6V Micro Submersible Water Pump Mini Motor Fish Tank Fountain for Aquarium Amphibious Water Circulation (2 pcs)

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1. When diving the water pump into the water, the water level is higher than the pump. The low level of the water will cause the temperature too high, so the noise of the pump will be large. 

2. Land use need to allow water to flow into the pump (non self priming pump), the installation of water level higher than the pump. 

3. To keep the water clean, so as not to block the pump rotor. The pump should be cleaned regularly to keep the pump clean. 

4. There may be 1-3mm of size deviation due to manual measurement. 

5. There may be a little color difference due to display pixel and light. 


Color: white 

Length : 56mmn (include water inlet) 

Diameter: 24mm 

High: 33mmn (include water outlet)

Water inlet diameter: 6.8mm 

Inner: 4.5mm 

Outlet diameter: 7mm 

Inner: 4.5mm. 

Voltage range (V): DC2.5-6v 

Operating current (MA):130-220MA 

Head (CM): 40-110 

Flow (L/H):80-120 

Power (W): 0.4-1.5. 

A micro submersible pump not only means its function but also its cost performance, a lower price and a better choice for you. Amphibious water circulation. 

Mute and high-effective. 

Product Includes:- 

2x Micro Submersible Water Pump.