4 Holders 18650 Lithium Battery V9 Shield Micro USB Type-C 5V/3A 3.3V/1A Power Bank Battery Charging Module ESP32 (2 switch)

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This product is a highly integrated mobile power IC with over-current, over-charge, under-voltage and over-temperature protection. It also has a built-in protection IC for lithium batteries, which greatly improves the user's convenience! This mobile power product also has the advantages of high current and high slew rate, which is suitable for most users. 


Click to boot. Long press the button to shut down. (Non-automatic shutdown mode). 4 way LED power status indication, automatically turn off after 3 seconds, the battery is less than 3V alarm 6 protection, less than 2.4V full stop, no action. The battery current is as low as 3uA after standby. Intelligent input and output, do not have to worry about charging time is too long. 

Precautions: Do not connect the batteries in series. The series connection will increase the voltage. 

Specification :- 

Output current up to 3A, efficiency up to 95%. With LED identification percentage electricity metering. 

Input overvoltage protection. Charging timeout/overvoltage protection. Output overcurrent / short circuit protection. 

1.8A charging 3A discharge high integration mobile power IC. This mobile power supply has a built-in lithium battery protection IC with overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protection. 

The USB port output and the mobile power board have extended port 3V and 5V output ports to facilitate customer demand and use, which greatly reduces the problem of fewer ports. 

Input port: Micro USB (Android port)or Type-C port, wide voltage, up to 6.5V input


1. Mobile power

2. Other battery-powered equipment

Do not reverse the positive and negative poles. The battery voltage works normally at 3.2V-4.2V. 

Product Includes:-

1X 4 Holders 18650 Lithium Battery Shield V9