4 Holders 18650 Lithium Battery V9 Shield Micro USB Type-C 5V/3A 3.3V/1A Power Bank Battery Charging Module for ESP32 (1 switch)

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This module is a portable mobile power supply that supports 3V / 1A and 5V / 2.2A two voltage outputs! 5V voltage output rated current is 2.2A, maximum support 3A current (not recommended for overload, easy to damage the module, speed up the service life), the output of current depends on the quality of the 18650 battery!

MICRO USB charging current 600mA-800mA, Supports up to two 18650 batteries. It is recommended to use two 18650 batteries, which can be longer!

Special attention: the installation of the battery must be determined positive and negative, the board has been clearly marked positive and negative! Installation errors will burn out the module! 

Product Includes:-

1 x Dual 18650 Lithium Battery Shield V8 3V1A 5V 3A Micro USB Power Bank Battery Charging Module For Raspberry Pi Wifi ESP8266 ESP32