4 Pin Digital LCD Wood Moisture Meter Timber Damp Detector Tester 5% 40%

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"This moisture meter can detect the water composition of a wide range of materials such as wood, bamboo, cotton, tobacco, paper and etc. It has wide measuring range of 5 percent to 40 percent moisture level. It has 4 steel sharp probes or pins and is one of the most versatile moisture meter in the market today. Because 4 pins probe can obtain more sampling amount than 2 pins from the material being tested, you ll get more reliable, more exact, more precise measurement results and more accurate data from this moisture meter. It measures from 5 percent to 40 percent of moisture level of the object being tested, which make it an essential tool for either amateur or professional surveyors, woodworkers and craftsmen. Truly an effective device to check dampness in buildings and enables building surveyors and other users to measure moisture levels of soft to medium density of wood materials such as bamboos, cardboard and paper, chipboard, fiberboard, foam, peat, plaster and sand. Using this meter to check or measure moisture is the surest and quickest way to maintain safety in buildings and to help minimize moisture problems in lumber production, drying and in all phases of furniture manufacturing, woodworking and building construction. Using the meter right can insure that wood will maintain dimensional stability and free from costly defects such as surface checks, splits, warping and delaminating. Equipped with 4 steel pins for accurate sampling; digital large size LCD display high resolution and response quickly; date hold and can hold value (memory function) symbol and unit display for easy illustration of data; low battery indication with auto power off function specification: resolution: 1 percent accuracy: and plusmn; 1 percent moisture level range: 5 percent to 40 percent operation temperature: 0 and deg; c to 40 and deg; c (32 and deg; f to 104 and deg; f), 0 to 70 percent rh power: 1x 6f22 9v battery (battery not included) color: gray material: plastic size: approx. 120 x 65 x 25 mm.
Package includes: 1 x wood moisture meter. (Without battery)"