4 x AA Battery Holder Box, Without Cover (1 pcs)

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This is a 4 x AA Battery Holder Box, Without Cover. The case box can keep your batteries organized and protected. The holder case is designed with leads for easy to solder and connect.

This battery holder case is perfect for the devices need a 6V external battery.


Holds four AA batteries. Easy install, convenient to use. High-quality plastic material. The perfect external power source for single-chip microcomputer system, Arduino system, 2WD mobile robot, track-seeking car, RP5 tracked vehicle.


  • Compatible Battery Size: AA Battery
  • Material: Plastic
  • Internal Connections: Series
  • Output Voltage(V): 6
  • ON/OFF Switch: NO
  • Cable Length (cm): 15
  • Color: Black
  • Weight (gm): 12

Package Includes

1x Battery Holder Box for 4 x AA, Without Cover