4 x Brushless Motor + 4 x 30A ESC + 4 Propeller Combo Kit for Quadcopter F450

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This combo kit consists of 4 x 1000kV Brushless Motor, 4 x 30A ESC, 4 Pairs of 10" propeller. The Motor, ESC and Propeller are selected to provide the best thrust, performance and flight time for your standard size quadcopter. Use our combo kit and remove all guess work from your multirotor project. The kit includes 4 brushless outrunner motors is specifically manufactured for quadcopters and multirotors. They are 1000kV motor. This is a high power motor with excellent efficiency. Use this to build powerful and efficient quadcopters. The included ESC is specifically made for quadcopters and multirotors and provides faster and better motor speed control giving better flight performance compared to other available ESCs. 4 pairs of 1045 Propellers are included in the kit. Each pair includes one clockwise rotating and one counter-clockwise rotating propeller with propeller shaft adapters. The adapters allow the propeller to be used with motors of different shaft diameters. The kit can be used with our Q450 quadcopter frame. Note: You require 1 of this kits for a quadcopter. Below are individual specifications for the components. A2212 Brushless Motor 1000KV Specifications: - A2212 1000KV - RPM/V :1000 - Stator Diameter(mm) :22 - Stator length(mm) : 13 - Stator Arms(mm) : 12 - Magnet Poles : 14 - Motor Winding : 22 - RPM(KV) : 1000 - Idle Current(A) : 0.55/8 - Max Current (A) : 17 - Max Power(W) : 190/3 - Rotor Dia(mm) : 28 - Shaft Dia(mm) : 3.17 - Motor Length(mm) : 28 - Overall Length(mm) : 42 - Biggest Thrust g/S : 1200/4 Comes with Prop adapter, Motor Mount and 4 screws; exactly as shown in the image. 30A Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Description - Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is a electronic circuit to vary the speed, direction and possible to act as a dynamic brake, of a Brusless Motor. This particular ESC is recommended with A2212 brushless motor (1000kv, 1400kv,2200kv). Specifications - Weight : 23g Dimensions: 45.0*24.0*9.0mm Current(A): 30-40 BEC : 3A PWM: N/A Li-Po : 2-3 Ni-Mh/Ni-cd : 4-10Ni-Mh Constant current : 30A Max 40A <10s Li-Poly 2-3 cells; Ni-MH 4-10 cells Auto Detect Break On/Off Auto Low battery Slow down at 3.0V/cell Lipo, cut-off at 2.9V/cell Lipo 1045 Propeller CW & CCW Pair This pack includes two propeller blades with adapters (1 CW and 1 CCW), similar to the photo displayed (color might be different) Description -The propeller 1045/1045R is a set of counter rotating RC aircraft propellers perfect for use in twin and multiple motor RC airplanes or coaxial RC helicopters. You receive 2 propellers: one prop rotates clockwise cw and the other prop rotates counter clockwise ccw (1 left hand & 1 right hand rotation). These matched rotor blades are a hard to find matched counter rotating pair. The length is 10 inches and the pitch is 4.5 inches per revolution.