40A ESC 2-6S Brushless ESC Speed Controller for RC Drone

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40A 2-4S ESC comes with a multi integrated special program, fast throttle response, surpasses all kinds of open-source software.
Firmware was optimized specify integrated circuitously for disc motor, and it has very good compatibility.
It is a highly intelligent, strong adaptive capacity, reserve the timing setting item (height/middle timing, easy to use.
The throttle signal line is twisted wire to reduce crosstalk within the transmission signal generated by the copper, so that more stable flight.
This ESC Supports refresh rates up to 621Hz throttle signal, compatible with various flight controllers. (Note: the throttle signal over 500Hz are all non-standard throttle signal)
Due to ultra-low resistance MOSFET, it has a strong flow capacity.
With MOSFET special driver integrated circuit, its performance and stability far surpass the driving circuit with discrete components built.
Note: ThisESC is not able to flash the firmware
40A OPTO 2-4S Brushless ESC.
The applicable number of battery cells:2-4S.
BEC output: 5V 3A.
Use for F450 450mm S500 ZD550 RC Helicopter Quadcopter.
Highly intelligent, adaptive ability, extremely easy to use.
Model: 40A ESC
Burst Current (A): 60
Constant Current (A): 40
BEC: Yes (5V/3A)
Suitable Lipo Batteries: 2 ~ 4S
Color: Black
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH: 7 x 3
Weight (gm): 34
Application: BLDC Motors, Multirotors, Rc Planes etc.

Package Includes:-
1x 40A 2-4S ESC