45 RPM 12v DC Planetary Gear Motor - High Torque
45 RPM 12v DC Planetary Gear Motor - High Torque
45 RPM 12v DC Planetary Gear Motor - High Torque

45 RPM 12v 45mm Tauren DC Planetary Gear Motor - High Torque

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If you are searching for a motor with very high torque then this Planetary Gear DC motor – 45 RPM / 12V will fulfill your specification demands.

The Planetary Gear DC motor has the massive torque of 21 kg-cm at no load.

The planetary geared motors are always well known for their low backlash and higher efficiency characteristic to meet the higher expectation.

As these Epicyclic Gear Train motors are very popular amongst our Robotics designer.

So we must ensure them for the quality and performance of these motors.

This is 12V DC motor which has a gearbox of 45mm diameter.

The planetary type gearbox of this motor has a metal gears and a center shaft. The Shaft of the motor is loaded with bearing for wear resistance and smooth operation.

We highly suggest you this motor for the general purpose automation projects requiring considerable torque range.


  • Robotics (Robocon Events), Electric Controlled Valve, Wending Machine, Automatic Actuator, Automatic Doors, Coin Refund Devices, Money Detector, Soft Napkin Machine, Infusion Pumps etc.


  • Brushed permanent magnet DC motor
  • Variable speed and reversible
  • Planetary Gear Box


  • Motor Length (mm): 160
  • Motor Diameter(mm):45
  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 10
  • Shaft Length (mm): 25
  • Rated Torque(kg-cm): 21
  • Stall Torque(Kg-Cm): 80
  • Rated Current(A): 0.9
  • Rated Voltage(V): 12
  • Weight (gm): 860
  • Shipment Weight: 0.98 kg
  • Shipment Dimensions: 12 × 5 × 5 cm

Package Includes:-

1x 45 RPM 12v 45mm Tauren DC Planetary Gear Motor - High Torque