(4pcs) 4 x 1.5V AAA battery holder with cover and On/Off Switch

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 The Plastic Covered AAA x 4 battery holder with cover and on/off switch for 4 x AAA Battery with On/Off Switch puts a nice finishing touch on your battery powered project. This holder features a removable sliding cover which is secured with a small head screw.

4 x AAA 3V batteries make a series connection inside the case to provide 3V combine output. Fully packed cover with locking provides the protection to the battery cell from environmental effects. Another bonus is the ON/OFF switch which can be used to control power to your project.

The leads are about 15cm, and the last 5mm of them are tinned. It is a series connection. The case box can keep your batteries organized and protected. The holder case is designed with leads for easy to solder and connect. This battery holder case is perfect for the devices to need a 3V external battery. 


1. Holds 4 AAA batteries

2. With a cover and Locking

3. Comes with an ON/OFF switch

4. Easy install, convenient to use

5. High-quality plastic material. 

6. Pre-soldered wire tips

Package Includes: 

4 x (4 x AAA Battery holder with cover and On/Off Switch)