530pcs Colorful Heat Shrink Tubing Insulation Set

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Material: Polyolefin
Package include : 530pcs x Heat Shrink Tubing Insulation Shrinkable Tube
Shrinkage Ratio: 2:1 (will maximum shrink to 1/2 its supplied diameter)
Minimum Shrinkage Temp: ?84?C
Full Shrinkage Temp: ?120?C
Operating Temperature: -55?C to +125?C
Tensile strength: 10.4 Mpa
Dielectric strength: 15 KV/mm
Manufacture specification: ISO9001
Flammability: Flame Retardant Approvals: UL Approved Supplied format (round or flat): Product is supplied flat Cutting method: Scissors or sharp knife
Package include : 530pcs x Heat Shrink Tubing Insulation Shrinkable Tube
Material: polyethylene
Color: Black,Yellow,Green,Red,Blue
Operating Temperature: -55 Centigrade to + 125 Centigrade Shrinkage Ratio: 2:1
Flammability: Flame Retardant
80pcs 1.5x45mm yellow
80pcs 2.0 x 45mm Blue
80pcs 2.0 x 45mm Black
60pcs 3.0 x 45mm Green
50pcs 4.0 x 45mm Red
50pcs 4.0 x 45mm Black
30pcs 5.0 x 45mm Black
20pcs 6.0 x 45mm Yellow
20pcs 8.0 x 45mm Red
20pcs 10.0 x 45mm Green
20pcs 10.0 x 45mm Blue
20pcs 10.0 x 45mm Black
Total:1 set/530pcs 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing
How to Use?
Select the proper size of the heat shrink tubing for the using.
Insert the wires to the heat shrink tubing.
Use the heat gun or lighter to shrink the tube until it is melted in size and the adhesive flows, filling the gaps between wires and tube.
Don?t touch the tube until it is cool completely.

  • Applicable to all kinds of cable wire insulation protection, corrosion, dust-proof requirements.
  • Suitable for electrical insulation, wire bundling, color coding, mechanical protection, wire or cable joints and daily repairs.
  • Widely used in electronics, communications, automobiles, ships, aircraft and any fields you want to apply.