5V-12V DC Brushless Motor Driver Board Controller for Hard Drive Motor 1.8A Max

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The driver board can drive hard disk brushless motors ,CD-ROM brushless motor and so on the micro 3-wire or 4-wire without hall brushless motor ,
it's have reverse voltage protection , Over current protection , Phase inversion control

driver voltage : DC5-12v
working voltage : ?1.8A
speed adjust :0%-100%

note : Brushless motor line of receiving terminal drive plate must be pressed sturdiness, poor contact will lack of phase operation and burn out the chip.Board terminals fixed screw clearance, please use coarser line connected to the board.

How to identify four line motor public port: use the resistance of the multimeter * gears test this four terminal , One of the terminals and the other three terminal resistance value of the minimum and equal ,
so it's COM terminal ,

package include :

1pcs 5V-12V DC Brushless Motor Driver Board Controller