6 in1 Electric Soldering Iron Kit 25 Watt Welding Stick Set

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A soldering kit helps you complete your electrical assembly or repair, and other jobs of fixing metallic objects with ease. When it comes to piecing together parts and wires of electronic devices like television, radio and other accessories, soldering is an effective solution. This Soldron-Easy Electronics Soldering Iron comes with all the items that you would require as you embark on a soldering or repair project.

Spade Tip

This solder iron has a spade tip which offers optimum surface area so that it can hold more solder. This flat surface helps you spread out the solder over a larger area for a strong soldering.

Soldering Stand

This kit comes with a neat soldering stand that completes your workstation. You can place the soldering iron safely in it as it heats up or when you are in the middle of the job. This avoids dangers of accident or damaging your work table.


This kit also provides you with a can of flux that helps in cleaning the surface and removing metal oxides as you solder the metallic pieces together. This ensures a stronger bond between the two pieces.