6mm Coupling Hub For 60mm Aluminum Mecanum Wheel

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The name of this coupling itself speaks a lot about its application, you can connect the 60mm Mechanum Wheel and motors such as IG32E, SPG30E or any other motor which has a shaft of 6mm.
This coupling is designed for the motors with the shaft diameter of 6mm and wheels with Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) of 23mm.
It is made from high-quality aluminium, hence making it lightweight than similar MS shaft coupling. The coupling shows good strength and load-bearing capacity.
Features :
Quality assured branded couplings.
Equips high-quality MS.
Ensure safe operation of your robot.

Material: Aluminium Outer Diameter (OD) (mm): 30
Inner Diameter (ID) (mm): 6
Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) mm: 23
Length (mm): 20
Weight (gm): 10
Shipment Weight: 0.015 kg
Shipment Dimensions: 6 ? 5 ? 5 cm

Package Includes:-
1 x 6mm Coupling Hub For 60mm Mecanum Wheel
3 x M3 x 40 Allen Bolts.
3 x M3 Nyloc Nut
1 x Allen Key
2 x M4 Allen grub

  • Outside diameter: 30 mm
  • Inside diameter: 6 mm
  • Pitch Circle Diameter(PCD): 23 mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Net weight: 10 gm