6V 12V 24V 8A PWM DC Motor Speed Controller CCM5D Digital Display LED Motor Controller Speed Regulator

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1.Description :
DC Motor Speed Controller,The full name of pulse width modulation is Pulse Width Modulator.Abbreviation PWM.DC motor governor is a device for adjusting the speed of a DC motor.DC motor has the characteristics of low speed and large torque which can not be replaced by the AC motor.Therefore, the equipment that regulates the speed of the DC motor - DC governor can be widely used.It is often used in DC load circuits due to its special properties.Lamp dimming or DC motor speed regulation, HW-1020 governor are made by pulse width modulation (PWM) principle.Such as Motor governor and PWM governor.
Industrial DC motor speed regulation, industrial conveyor belt speed regulation, lighting and lighting mediation, computer power supply cooling, DC fan, etc., have been widely used.

1>.High frequency 13Khz, the purer the signal;
2>.PWM can be adjusted 0%-100%;
3>.Support high current;
4>.High quality knob;
5>.The knob is separated from the module, and the application is more convenient;
6>.Plastic shell, safe and reliable;
7>.LED display;
8>.No polarity regulation.

1>.Input voltage: DC 6-30V;
2>.Load power: 150W(MAX);
3>.Rated current: 5A;
4>.Peak current: 8A;
5>.Speed range: 5%-100%;
6>.PWM frequency: 13Khz;
7>.Potentiometer: resistance value 100K;
8>.Knob inner diameter:8mm;
9>.The output voltage is 0-100% of the input voltage;
10>.Standby current:0.02A;
11>.Size(without Knob): 78*44*24mm;
12>.Cable Length:19mm.

1>.Industrial DC motor speed regulation;
2>.Industrial conveyor belt speed regulation;
3>.Lighting and lighting mediation;
4>.Computer power supply cooling;
5>.DC fan.

1>.1pcs DC Motor Speed Controller with display

  • Input voltage: DC 6-30V; .Load power: 150W(MAX); Rated current: 5A; Peak current: 8A; Speed range: 5%-100%; PWM frequency: 13Khz; Potentiometer: resistance value 100K.
  • Application: Industrial DC motor speed regulation; Industrial conveyor belt speed regulation; Lighting and lighting mediation; Computer power supply cooling; DC fan.