AC Reversible Geared Synchronous Motor - 2 RPM

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Application -
Motor Type – Geared Reversible Synchronous motor
Application – valve actuator, light displays, textile machinery, medical equipment, air conditioning & refrigeration, dampers peristaltic pumps, dosing pumps, vending machines, cctv camera positioning, any positioning application.

Design –
Reversing synchronous motor is if the permanent magnet type with two stator windings, for single phase AC 50/60 Hz. Phase displacement of excitation current is achieved by connecting a capacitor in parallel with one of stator windings. The sense of rotation is determined by the resulting circular rotation field. Electrical reversal of the sense of rotation is effected by means of a single pole changeover switch.

Motor can be mounted using plate/ screw clip.

Technical Details –
Voltage – 230 AC
Rated Frequency – 60Hz
Power output at rated voltage – 3.6 watt
Speed – 2 RPM
Running torque at rated voltage – 6 kg-cm
Power consumption at rated voltage – 3.2 W