Aluminum substrate Vehicle laptop power supply 250W high power boost constant current LED boost drive

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The 250W High Power Constant voltage Current Adjustable Aluminum Substrate LED Driver Module can be used to get adjustable output voltage ranges from 10V to 50V. The module provides a wide range of current output up to 6 A. Aluminium substrate itself work as a heat sink which manages to run the module at high power application continuously
The Module is made from a dedicated benchmark IC and high-precision current sensing resistor, proving a more stable constant current, (when 20?C to 70?C constant current 1A, temperature drift less than 1%). and therefore it is particularly most suitable for LED driver applications.
The output current of the module can be raised up to 10A(for continuous use it is recommended up to 6A. MOS Schottky diode independent heat sink, which heat dissipation is good, and won?t affect each other. Also using large size Sendust Core and double pure copper wiring, improve working efficiency, reduce fever.
The module has onboard 3296 multiturn potentiometers for high accuracy voltage and current regulation to provide good stability. As voltage and current are adjustable, it gives very easy to use at multiple Application such as battery charging, LED Driver power supply; Vehicle Power Supply, etc which makes the module Multipurpose and hence this module is always in demand from our maker because of its wide range of application and low cost.

  • DIY a stabilized power supply, input 12V is ok, the output can be adjustable in the range of 12~50V.
  • Use to Drive high-power LED lights.
  • As voltage regulator in Solar panel.Charge for the storage battery, lithium battery etc.
  • Offer power for your electronic equipment, you can set the output voltage value according to your system voltage.