AMS1117 4pins 5V DC-DC Step Down Power Supply Module

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This power supply module is based on the AMS1117 5V regulator. It is capable of regulating a wide range of input voltage (6.0 to 12V) down to a fixed 5V output at up to 1A Standard 0.1″ header pins provide a means of connecting to its input and output terminals.
These header pins have also been conveniently placed so that the module can be inserted face down into the standard.
Do not exceed absolute maximum input voltage (12.5V) or output current.
Exceeding maximum specifications can result in permanent damage to this module or any connected devices.
Jumper connector is not soldered.

Features :
1. Onboard AMS1117 chip.
2. Onboard power indicator to indicate power is turned on: Red LED.
3. Output voltage interface, connection to facilitate the experimental.
4. Small Compact Size, 4Pin Type, Breadboard Friendly.
5. 2P single row pin input and output for easy connection
6. Dual-panel design, the layout is nice

Package Includes :
1 x AMS1117 5V Step-Down Power Supply Module (Unsoldered).