Anti Spy Cell Phone Signal Bug Rf Camera Gsm Device Detector 2600Mhz

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"Anti spy cell phone signal bug rf camera gsm device detector 2600mhz for a safely meaning like business negotiation and contract signing. Helps ensure the privacy of your phone conversations. Can effectively prevent eavesdropping, videotaping, fraud, protect personal privacy data and information confidential. Fit for hotel or restaurant or public toilet or changing room, etc. Specifications: detecting frequency: 100~2600mhz effective range: 1 10m (3. 2~32Ft) color: black using ranges: detect that if your car or office is stuffed with wireless wiretap or surveillance devices. Detect if the cell phone is wiretapped or is abnormal (transmit signals without any reason at standby) detect if your car is stuffed with gps tracking wiretap or gps tracker. Detect if there is radiation of roof base stations in your working environment or residential buildings. Detect receiving and transmitting signals of short message service, signals of surfing the internet with cell phones, signals of cell phone opening, closing and calls. Detect wireless network signals, cell phone base station signals and the field density of wireless surveillance system. Detect if household appliance like microwave oven leak the harmful electromagnetic radiation to people. Detect if there is acute radiation calLED inch cell phone caller inch in your staying places. Detect if there is suspicious wireless signals in your staying places. Detect if there is more secret 5. 8 Ghz wireless web camera, wireless wiretap and wire monitor. Inspect hotels, restrooms, guesthouse, entertaining places, dressing rooms to prevent wireless pinhole cameras. Prevent wireless wiretapping at the places of atm machines, theatres, art galleries and museums, etc. Before buying buildings, first detect if there is harmful electromagnetic radiation to people's health.
Package included: 1 x wireless rf detector 1 x user manual."