AP Extension pigtail SMA female socket jack to U.FL IPX connector (10pcs)

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SMA Connector type: Female VSWR: ≤1.15+0.02F Characteristic impedance: 50Ω Insulation resistance: ≥5000MΩ Contact resistance (outer conductor):≤2mΩ Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1000Vrms Color : Black Wire length: 15 cm This is a RF Cable to convert to the UFL/ IPX to SMA Female.

The cable has length of 15 cm. It has UFL / IPX Female connector on one end, and SMA Female on the other end.<br> And it is a 1.13 mm RF Cable. It adds the support for Antenna with SMA Connector to any device. This is an interface cable which connects a SMA Female Connector to UFl connector.

Use this cable to connect the tiny UFl connector on a PCB to an antenna with SMA connector. The SMA Female connector in this cable can be mounted onto a panel. Use it to connect to GPS and cellular antennas to a U.FL connector.

Features of SMA Female To UFL connector

• Rating Temp Voltage: 105°C 30V UL 1979

• Insulation Resistance:1000 MEGA OHM-KM Min.

• Conductor Resistance:545 OHM/KM/20°C Max.

• VSWR (0-6GHz): Max 1.3

Package includes:

• 10 x SMA Female To UFL connector<