Basic Motor Hobby Kit Ii 13 Items In 1 Kit (Hobby Dc Motor + Battery Holder + Switch + 8 Leds + Propeller + Wire) With User Manual

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2mm diameter shaft, cylindrical magnetic motor with complete kit
Best for DIY, hobby, school projects
Best learning kit                                                                                                               About product: Kids enjoy learning the basics of motor applications and its control. The kit can be used for following DIY fun and learning experiments: Ø Battery powered Fan Ø Air push car Ø Battery powered robot Ø Battery powered Lights Ø Street-light project Ø Demonstration of home supply and appliances Package Includes: Hobby DC motor - 1 Nos. LEDs – 8 Nos. Switch – 1 Nos. Battery holder – 1 Nos. Wire – 1 mtr (approx) Propeller – 1 Nos. User guide/Instruction manual – 1 Nos.