Chrome Steel Extended 1 or 4 Inch Hex Shank Quick Change Adapter Bit Drill Chuck

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"Suitable for electric drill, screwdriver, wind batch transfer using to play the role of releasing bit holder. Can be used for prolonging different kinds of screwdrivers. The interface has a locking function: it will be self locked while a drill bit connect to it, grip the black chuck by your one hand and push the hex shank by your another hand, then the connecting drill bit can be pulLED out. Built in magnetic, fast, fastening, greatly improve work efficiency. Rustproof, very durable, convenient to use. Material: chrome vanadium steel shank type: hex shank diameter: 6. 35Mm(1/4) length: 60mm.
Package included: 1x 1/4 drive shank quick change bit drill chuck."