Combo Kit - MY1016Z2 250W Motor DIY Ebike, Electric Bicycle Kit

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Packing Details - The motor kit includes: 1. 1pcs x MY1016Z2 DC 24V 250W motor 2. 1pcs x Motor controller 3. 1pcs x Chain 4. 1pcs x Freewheel 5. 1pcs x Freewheel adapter 6. 1pcs x Mounting plate with bolts 7. 1pcs x Throttle handle & Brake lever 8. 1pcs x Headlight 9. 1pcs x Switch & key 10.1pcs x 18cm axis 11) 1pc x Charger Please note - This kit does not include batteries. Specifications of Motor - This popular reduction motor is simply the most commonly used motor for Scooters, Bikes and quad's available in the market! It is normally found in the better quality quads and scooters on the market and is classed as a mid range combination. They are quite powerful for their small size and extremely reliable. We've sold these for so many different applications that they were never designed for, but the robustness of the build makes them just go and go and go etc! Specifications: MY1016Z 24 Volt DC Operation Permanent Magnet DC Motor No Load RPM: 3850 No Load Current: <2.2 Amps Rated Wattage: 250W (0.33 Horsepower) Rated Load RPM: 400 Torque (NM): 22 Rated Current: 13.4 Amps Efficiency: 78% Reduction Ratio: 9.78:1 Direct Drive (No Free Spooling) Suitable for Forward and Reverse Operations Base Mount Model 9 Tooth Sprocket for 1/2" x 1/8" Pitch Chain This motor is capable of rotation in either clockwise or counter clockwise by reversing the motor's power wires. For Chain Size: Pitch 0.5in; Roller Diameter 0.3in; Roller Width 0.16in