Creality 3D Ender-5 DIY 3D Printer Kit 220*220*300mm Printing Size With Resume Print Dual Y-Axis Motor Soft Magnetic Sticker Support Off-line Print

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"Creality official DIY 3d printer Ender 5 made by 3d printing manufacturer, 220*220*300mm, BL touch auto leveling, Industrial circuit board and build-in mother board, Cmagnatic sticker and resume printing function, can print with all kinds of 3d printing.

Overall Parameter List -

Molding Technology - FDM.
Print Dimensions - 220*220*300mm.
Print Speed - <180mm/s, Normal Printing Speed 40-80 mm/s.
Print Accuracy - + - 0.1mm.
Layers Thick - 0.1-0.4mm.
Nozzle Diameter - Standard 0.4mm. Convertible 0.2, 0.3mm.
Nozzle Quantity - 1.
Nozzle Temprature - <260 Deg Cel.
Hot Bed Temprature - <135 Deg Cel.
Working Modes - Online or TF Cards are printed offline.
File Formats - STL, ODJ, AMF.
Slicing Software - Cura, Repeti-Host, Simlify 3d.
Power Parameters - input:110v/220v. 50/60Hz. Output: DC 24V.
Machine Power - 270W.
Printing Materials - PLA, ABS, Soft Glue, Wooden, Copper Containing, Gradient, etc.
Consumables Diameter - 1.75mm.

Added Functionality -
Enhanced Printing Stability,
New Soft Sticker,
Landy Power Supply,
Partial Assembly,
Heating upto 100 deg C in 5 mins,
Printing with High precision,
Easier to Level,
Resume Printing after power-off,
Soft Magnetic Stickers - Instead of traditional beauty paper & glue, easy to mold, model adhesion is good.
Simple Installation of Kits - Simplicity allows customers to complete the installation efficiently & quickly.
Built in Power Supply - 350w high quality power supply, easy to achieve long time stable printing.
Dual Y-Axis - synchronization, small moving quality, flexible & reliable.
Down Shift Z Axis - for smoother movement.
Descartes Design - Down Shift Z-axis for smoother movement.

Application Field -
Lighting Design, Architectural Design, Medical Hygiene, Furniture, Movie props, Coloring models. "