Creality Ender-3 Direct Extruding Kit Extruder for Creality 3D Printer

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Ender-3 direct extruding kit
Direct extruding mechanism complete nozzle kit.
All-metal shell: Sturdy and wear resistant.
Stable running: No blockage and no leakage.
Direct extruding: More precise feed-in.
Direct extruding kit with two in one:
New upgraded direct extruding kit has high quality.
1 Direct extruding mechanism.
2 complete nozzle kit.
Integrated structure with all metal:
It?s sturdy and wear resistant with all-metal shell and surface oxidation treatment. Integrated structure is convenient for wiring and replacing.
Direct extruding smooth feed-in:
Quality Motor: Lower torque requirements on stepper motor, reducing the possibility of nozzle blockage when retracting filament and malfunction when loading new filament.
Even feed-in: there is more even feed-in with direct extruding than Bowden extruding.
Printing at high temperature and strong compatibility:
Compatible with more types of filaments when printing under temperature, like flexible TPU. It can optimize TPU printing performance.
The filament with good tensile strength is in its original form although full tension.
Easy to install and use:
Switch direct extrusion or Bowden extrusion at any time and easy to disassembly. It doesn?t affect the inherent function of printer because it?s a complete extrusion kit.

Product name: Ender-3 direct extruding mechanism kit.
Product colour: Black.
Net weight: 0.379kg
Product size: 125x96x76mm
Material: aluminium alloy.
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Print precise: 0.1mm
Output voltage: 24V
Rated voltage: 115V/230V 50/60HZ
Applicable models: Ender-3, Ender-3S, Ender-3Pro.

Product Includes:-
1x Ender-3 Direct Extruding Kit.

  • Direct extruding mechanism complete nozzle kit
  • All-metal shell: Sturdy and wear resistant
  • Stable running: No blockage and no leakage.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Output voltage: 24V