Creality Ender-3 Full Hotend Kit for Creality 3D Printer

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Ender-3 Full Hotend kit
Say goodbye to ?Clogging?
High Accuracy, Optimized Design in Details.
Stable Operation
All Metal Case, Strong and Durable.
Superior Case, Strong and Durable:
All-metal aluminium case with anodized surface and matted finish is stronger and no more durable.
Integrated Design, Simple and Comfortable:
Clear wire connection, the integrated structure makes one-step easy installation.
Fluent Printing without string:
Independently developed brass nozzle has bullet structure, which improves uniform heating to reduce clogging and string.
Faster and Faster Processing:
Heating block, cooling block and fan ensure efficient printing under stable temperature, Evenly heat dissipation expedites modelling.
Full Heating from Head to Toe:
Nozzle + Throat tube: Seamless connection, upgraded internal design, no worries of blocking under a long time working.
Optimal throat design: Better thermal connectivity, enhanced nozzle working stability.
Teflon Tube: Less clogging, smooth filament feeding.
Thermistor + Heating Tube: Rapid heating, precise temperature control, temperature detection up to 260? optimal throat design.

Name: Ender-3 Full Hotend Kit
Model: Ender-3
Material: Metal
Packing size: 160x160x90mm

Product Includes:-
1x Ender-3 Full Hotend Kit

  • High Accuracy, Optimized Design in Details.
  • Stable Operation
  • Superior Case, Strong and Durable
  • Fluent Printing without string
  • Integrated Design, Simple and Comfortable