DC 12V Multipurpose Brushed Motor for DIY applications PCB Drill

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Product Description:
High Torque
Rated Voltage Current : DC 12V
No Load Current: 0.2Amps (Max ~1.2 Amps)
No load Power Consumption: 2.4 Watts (Max ~15 Watts)
No Load Speed: 4000RPM
Motor Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm
Mounting Screw Hole Diameter : 3mm
Distance between Screw Holes: 25mm
Diameter of the Motor: 36mm
Length of the Motor (Body): 50mm
Length of Shaft: 16mm
Main Color : Silver Tone
Material : Metal
Net Weight : 150gm
Cylindrical shape and with 3mm diameter shaft and 2 pin connectors.
Great replacement for the rusty or damaged DC motor on the machine.
Comes with magnetic shield (as shown in the image)
To run this motor, you would need a 12 Volt DC Power supply. The Amperage rating on it should be 1 Amp or above.
Alternatively, you can also directly connect it to a 12 Volt Battery.

Perfect for various DIY applications.