DC 24V 4020 Cooling Fan - 40X40X20 mm Size

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 This Brushless DC Cooling Fans are operating at 24V with a dimension of 40x40x20 mm. This Cooling fans helps your electrical products cool, extend the life of the system, and perform better.

The Cooling fan runs quietly, bearing type oily or ball. DC cooling fans are rugged and resistant to high temperatures.

It is widely used in:  Small sound radiating communication equipment Heat cooling plate Intelligent industrial control equipment for plate cooling High precision medical cooling equipment Server cooling dissipation Anywhere and electronically that requires cooling


Size / Dimension: 40x40x20mm

Rated Voltage: 24VDC

Bearing Type: Sleeve / Ball Bearing

Noise: <37.2 dB(A) 

RPM: 5000 ~ 8500 RPM

Current Rating (Amps): 0.04 ~ 0.24A

Voltage Range: 18 ~ 26.5VDC

Power (Watts): 0.72 ~ 1.2 W

Package Includes:- 

1x DC 24V 4020 Cooling Fan - 40X40X20 mm Size