DC 5V Bluetooth 2, Channels Relay Module, Internet Smart Remote, Control Mobile Phone, Switch Wireless Relay

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This module is ideally suited to controlling larger voltages with the project.
This is a single channel relay module that can be used to activate up to 250V AC and 30V DC.
This allows you to build in device control, operating remote lights or triggering systems when the module is supplied the signal.
These modules are designed for the connected age we live in.
Each module has an onboard Bluetooth chipset that will provide the signal to trigger the relay.
Using a Bluetooth scanning device, such as a mobile phone, you will be able to pick up the relay.
First, you will need to pair with it, this is done by selecting it from within your Bluetooth browser and entering the password “1234”.
The module comes with two onboard LEDs that inform of the state of the module. Red power LED and a green activation LED that lights when a signal is received.
When a signal is received an audible click can be heard as the relay triggers, connecting the output pins.
LED Indications:
LED D1 (Blue):
Bluetooth state indicator:
D1 blink slowly-Search Module over Bluetooth and wait till pairing
D1 Continue ON means connection established and ready to use
LED D2/D3 (Red): Relay indicator
These LEDs will show the status of Relay ON-OFF individually

Easy to set up and pair with Android Phone
Onboard Bluetooth status indicator and relay indicator
With 4 optocoupler isolation, strong anti-interference ability
Onboard N76E003/STM8S003 and SPP-C Bluetooth 2.1 module
Effective control distance (on open area): 10m
Module Operating Voltage: 5VDC
On-board 5V, 10 A / 250 v AC 10 A / 30 v DC relay, absorb 100000 times continuously.
Module with diode effusion protection short response time
Board Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 63 x 42 x 19
Weight: 35 gm

Package Includes:
1 x DC 5V 2 Channel Bluetooth Wireless Control Relay Module